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"The appropriate proportion for blending synthesizer tones with acoustic guitar sound."


By blending the diverse tones of synthesizers with the delicate strings of a real guitar, it is possible to create an unprecedented "guitar tone" and expand the range of expression. However, if the blend ratio of these tones is not appropriate, it can detract from the allure of the music performed. The extent to which synthesizer sounds are blended with real guitar sound not only affects the charm of the music, but also the quality of the performance (ease of playing). By effectively blending the natural sound of a guitar with artificially created synthetic sounds, depending on their characteristics, an attractive and natural resonance is created.To scrutinize these aspects, it is crucial to test as much as possible in actual performances and collect a significant amount of data.

​音色のブレンド率 演奏例 Tone blending ratio, performance example
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1. 人声の擬似音(スキャット)50% +ギター生音 50% 

Imitation vocal sound (Scat) 50% + natural guitar sound 50%

・ "Feel Like Making Love" のテーマ部分 The theme part of "Feel Like Making Love"  →  Click 

"Donna Lee"のテーマ部分(ベースとユニゾン)The theme part of "Donna Lee” (in unison with the bass) → Click


長所と短所 Advantages and Disadvantages

スキャットは、声を使ってリズムやメロディを強調する。スキャット擬似音の割合がギターの生音より大きくなれば、人工的な響きが目立つだけでなく、アクセントが強すぎて、音楽の流れの中では雑音として聴こえてしまう。生ギター色とスキャット擬似音のバランスをちょうど50% ずつにすることで、より自然な響きとなる。このブレンドの割合は曲のテーマ部分での演奏が最も適しており、アドリブソロやバッキングの演奏に使用するには、煩雑に響く可能性がある。その場合は、ギター生音の比率を80%にまで上げる必要があるだろう。

Scat uses the voice to emphasize rhythm and melody. If the proportion of scat synthetic sounds becomes larger than the natural sound of the guitar, not only will the artificial resonance become prominent, but the accents will be too strong and may sound like noise within the flow of the music. By balancing the natural guitar tone and scat synthetic sounds at exactly 50% each, a more natural resonance is achieved. This blend ratio is most suitable for performances in the thematic sections of a song, and using it for improvisational solos or backing may result in a cluttered sound. In such cases, it might be necessary to increase the ratio of the natural guitar sound to 80%.

2. 人声の擬似音(コーラス)30% +ギター生音 70% 

Imitation vocal sound (Chorus) 30% + natural guitar sound 70%

・"Beautiful Love" のテーマ部分とギターソロ後半 

The theme part and the latter half of the guitar solo of 'Beautiful Love" → Click

長所と短所 Advantages and Disadvantages


3. 楽器の擬似音(エレクトリックピアノ)40% +ギター生音  60%

Imitation electric piano sound 40% + natural guitar sound 60%

・"Isn't She Lovely" のテーマ部分 The theme part and the guitar solo of  ”Isn't She Lovely” → Click

・"All the Things You Are" のテーマ部分とギターソロ 

"The theme part and the guitar solo of "All the Things You Are" → Click

長所と短所 Advantages and Disadvantages


4. 楽器の擬似音(エレクトリックギター)40% +ギター生音 60%

 Imitation electric guitar sound 40% + natural guitar sound 60%

・"Beautiful Love" のギターソロ前半  The first half of the guitar solo of "Beautiful Love" → Click

・"Donna Lee"のソロ部分   The solo part of "Donna Lee” → Click

長所と短所 Advantages and Disadvantages


5. 楽器の擬似音(リコーダー)30% +ギター生音 70%

Imitation recorder sound 30% + natural guitar sound 70%

・"Recado Bossa Nova" のテーマ部分とギターソロ部分 

The theme part and the guitar solo part of "Recado Bossa Nova" → Click

長所と短所 Advantages and Disadvantages

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